Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Store Your Cigars Properly For The Best Taste And Flavor

Smoking a fine cigar is very quickly becoming the urban man’s best method for relaxing and unwinding after a good day of work. There’s really not much that compares to a fine cigar and brandy however the key to getting the most out of your cigar is keeping it fresh and to do that you have to keep it properly stored. A beautiful wooden cigar box will not only keep your cigars fresh but will also look really nice sitting atop your office desk.

Cigars have to be stored because they are hygroscopic and all that means is they adapt to the environment they're in. Proper cigar storage is critical for this reason because placing them in a dry environment will produce a dry cigar and a bad smoke. Cigars can be damaged by an environment that contains excessive moisture so it's best to keep them in storage in a really humid environment. The right percentage of humidity in the air is essential if you want the best out of your smokes.

A good sign of a cigar that is too moist is a cigar that won’t stay lit. If you're having a tough time drawing in smoke from the cigar, that's another sign that you have a bad cigar. Since you're a beginner we'll keep it simple. A cigar not stored at the right humidity level will be hard to smoke and enjoy.

Dry cigars just burn hot and taste bad. When cigars get dry they burn hot when you smoke them and it's because the cigar doesn't have the right amount of moisture to keep the cigar burning slow. The big problem with a dry cigar is that you don’t get to taste the natural flavors of the cigar because of the extreme heat. Follow the steps below to ensure the cigars you smoke are fresh and ready to smoke.

If you don't have a cigar humidor then you should limit yourself to 1-3 cigars on your first purchase. Keeping your cigars in their original packaging will keep them fresh a little longer then without.

If you really want to get the utmost out of your cigars then I highly recommend you pick up a cigar humidor. Try to keep your cigar's humidity level at about 60-70%. A hygrometer inside your humidor will let you know what the humidity level is inside your humidor. A hygrometer measures the amount of humidity in the air. Depending on where you live it's probably also a good idea to keep your humidor in a cool and dark place with the temperature in the mid 70's.

No doubt cigars are a great way to sit back and relax but to get the most out of those cigars it’s imperative to keep them fresh and to do that you need proper storage.

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